Additive & 3D Manufacturing Technologies Association of Spain

DynamicalTools presented great news at ADDIT3D

Since Dynamical Tools started its path two years ago, our evolution has been constant. Last year, in May, our first product was launched...

GRUPO SICNOVA launches new large format industrial 3D printer and automated 3D measurement cabin

Grupo Sicnova has recently launched two new products: JCR 600 industrial 3D printer...

Maherholding Group and ONA Electroerosion collaborate to create ADDILAN

MAHERHOLDING GROUP and ONA ELECTROEROSION presented the result of their business collaboration for...

What is additive manufacturing?

Additive manufacturing refers to a series of processes that permit building an object by selectively adding layer-upon-layer of material based on a digital model.

The difference between traditional manufacturing methods and additive manufacturing is that in the latter process, the material is added instead of being eliminated.

Additive Manufacturing processes